Postcards from Paris: {Quickly Through the Pompidou}

With it's inside-out exterior appearance, and the magnificent works within: The Pompidou is a favorite of mine. During Nuit Blanche Saturday night, I was able to browse quickly through the Pompidou. I realize that perhaps looking at photographs of paintings or installations doesn't do any justice to the actual work of art. It really is an extraordinary point of view to get as close as possible to the brush strokes, and to imagine the hand of the artist making that mark at the moment it was actually made. It is actually quite amusing realizing that these paintings that I have seen on numerous occasions either in an art history class from a slide or printed on paper in a book, actually have dimension.
What a wonderful city Paris is for hosting so many well-known works. I am ashamed to admit that I have yet to see every museum in Paris. Each day I have the opportunity to visit a museum and opt for something else there is a bit of guilt that rests within my conscience. I have had the pleasure of the Pompidou on a couple of different occasions, and each time I can honestly say that I feel inspired.
Now for some other museums....
I will keep you posted.