The Paris Auction

One of the highlights of this trip was the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Paris Auction benefitting the restoration of the Maison Basse, a medieval complex of structures located on SCAD’s campus in Lacoste, France (www.scad.edu/experience/events/lacoste-auction). This star-studded event was held in the fabulous ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Guests from the Americas, Europe, and Asia mingled with SCAD students, alumni, staff and faculty; a sophisticated mix of young and old, student and professional - academic yet glamorous. Representative from the worlds of art and design, fashion, luxury goods, branding, marketing and more had their first taste of SCAD, and everyone was coming back for seconds.

The marble walls were covered with SCAD artwork, models wearing the latest SCAD fashion couture strolled proudly through the admiring crowd, exquisite auction items filled the entry hall, and in the background a sultry chanteuse played the crowd to perfection.

Box seats to the next Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco – no problem, Bejeweled private dinner at Boucheron – done, hand-made-to-order couture gown – say it ain’t so- and on and on and on. The crowd initially timid became increasingly exuberant. Not a bad way to become a philanthropist. We walked away with a fantastic Greg Eltringham painting which was decided should become the theme around which our toddler’s new room would revolve.

The night ended with a little too much champagne, oh so much conversation, and some wonderful new contacts to add to the ‘France’ Rolodex. SCAD continues to amaze, what a great part of Savannah, what a way to “Wow” the world.

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