Postcards from Paris: {avant de déjeuner au salon de coiffure.}

A Salon of Unique Stature

For now, I've just got to make ends meet and offer a description with words:
We started our morning somewhat early, fellow blogger Amy Merrick, her sister Micha, and I were out to visit a vide-grenier* listed in the 10th arrondisement. After recognizing the unrecognizable, we realized that perhaps the cigarette-rolling man with his mere collection of treasures sprawled out on a couple of fold-out tables were less than we had anticipated for. We tried to keep open minds for possible must-haves, but after a bit we just could not pretend anymore. Headed instead for a stroll along the Canal Saint-Martin, Micha noticed what appeared to be a little antique shop, with slips and lace gloves displayed in the front window. Right as we entered we were greeted by something like the image above. Just the two of them.
We of course exchanged, "Bonjours" and began to politely rummage through the barber's offerings of vintage odds and ends.

Normally when a French person asks where I am from, they have to think for a second where Georgia is. I usually clarify any residing confusion with the phrase, "Atlanta, the city of Coca-Cola or the 1996 Olympics" and generally after that there is an understanding. This French person has been the only exception, with shaving cream all over his face and leaning back on the barber-chair he offered his impressive awareness of my favorite little town, Savannah. It made me proud.
We all exchanged friendly conversation, and the Barber opened up a long-sealed cabinet of his prized collection consisting of numerous amounts of antique curling irons for women, and mustache curlers for men.

I promise we spent nearly a half an hour inside, leaving with a load of stories and our hair the same length it was when we entered.

*vide-grenier: literally means "attic-sale" they are smaller markets, and consist mainly of vendors who are selling things not for a great sum, but merely to clear our their spaces.

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