Postcards from Paris: {Winter-Like Welcoming & An Afternoon at the Park}

We spent the afternoon in the Parc Monceau, buddled up in layers, enjoying our gouter with frozen fingers. I know we are technically still in the Autumn season, but with bare trees and breaths as apparent as chimney smoke, one hopes that winter won't get much worse.
I do love the Parc Monceau. Like many of the designated parks in Paris, it really has a grand stature to it. The gilded gates, ornate statues of  Guy de Maupassant, Frédéric Chopin, amongst others, and of course the rotunda only emphasize the overall excellence. 
There are pony-rides, swings, and a carousel for the kiddies.
And not to mention, before the cold hits, a delightful english-style garden with chosen flowers growing as they please.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyong these vicarious visits to parts of Paris with you. Feels as though I'm there. Thanks.