Postcards from Paris: {Hints of Gold Amongst the Grey}

 With November days offering plentiful grey skies, I take special recognition to any contrasting tone. I sometimes like to think that the reason for such skies are meant to be in order for the Autumn leaves to shine and be the talk of the town. Savannah lacks a strong Fall season, but it always helps when the sky is grey and the warm tones of the turning leaves off the dogwoods and the red-buds look overly saturated. In Paris, I am thankful for the many trees lining the boulevards and plotted throughout the parks. Though many of the leaves have fallen by this point the trend of gold against grey stays true even with interior spaces. Overall, Paris has little details of gold which I appreciate more when I don't have the distraction of a beautiful sky. Lately, some days have been colder than others, and the easier route to take is often to stay inside. With that, I still take note of the little things that pop out just a bit more when the light is grey and solemn.

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Michelle Christensen said...

Love this Reba. Really lovely pictures!