Postcards from Paris: {Noël est en avance.}

I have been absent for quite some time, but I return bringing in an early Christmas.
As an American, I have grown up accustomed to the belief that the Christmas season should be expressed after we have given our respects to the over-shadowed holiday of Thanksgiving.
I remember the conversations between grown-ups expressing their surprise each year about Christmas beginning earlier and earlier. Some would argue that the season is such a delight; who could possibly complain of it's early arrival. Then I have known of some other type of folk who could not cope with the idea of hearing Christmas tunes until the calender's page has turned onto December.
Whatever one's theory may ultimately be, I just have not been able to resist spending the past few days of mid-November walking alongside the decadent windows of Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette. There are several, slightly makeshift, stands of freshly roasted chestnuts that give off the warmest scent. While I was making my purchase, I let my hair catch wind of some settle smoke from the roast, just for my own sake of soaking-in the scene.
With Lanvin behind the jaunty marionettes in the dazzled windows, who really could resist?
Especially after capturing the reflected faces of the mesmerized children in the windows. It makes me realize what the season makes us all out to be; mesmerized children, some just taller than others.

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Anonymous said...

The last photo in this post is so beautiful. I could write an entire essay about it.