Polaroids from Paris: {Boulangerie Comfort}

I hope I am not becoming too redundant in regards to the temperature, but from what I hear, this is quite unusually cold for this time of year in Paris.
Sophie comes home with frozen fingers that look as though they are about to snap off. She tells me that one would expect such weather in January, but we are a season shy from winter, and it isn't even December yet.
The boulangerie next door has become a daily errand in between my French class and work. I like becoming a regular at places like this. The staff seems to be mother and daughter, and a handsome baker who works in the back pulling out the ready treats with a large wooden wand. With steam flowing out like liquid from the oven-fresh baguettes, who could resist the carbs?
I mean if I am just going to be adding on the layers of clothing, will anyone really notice a rounder face or chubbier fingers?
Donnez-moi mon cagoule et mes gants, et que eclair au chocolat, Merci!

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Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Pan Chocolate! Fresh, hot baguettes!