Polaroids from Paris: {Snow Day}

They said that next week would warm up. I hardly mind the cold, and right as I finished that statement I wonder if I am speaking too soon.  I do have a tiny studio with two dependent means of heating which have yet to fail me, and I hope they will continue to suffice.
But they did say that it will warm up some within the next several days. I heard that a couple days ago, before it snowed all morning and afternoon today.
And with that, and a cup of seasonal spiced hot tea; I am content with the temperature. There is something rather reverent watching snow fall. As the snow flakes grew in size, I watched from behind a glass window surrounded by children decorating gingerbread houses. The funny thing is that I sat there with anxious anticipation for their parents to come and pick them up so that I could go out in the snow and play.
I recall the moderate winters of my childhood, and the many past Decembers of wishing for a White Christmas, and I think perhaps all those years wishing, this year it might come true.
In Paris.

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