Polaroids from Paris: {German Snow Scene}

We bundled up in layers of heavy knits and fur caps with leather gloves to keep from the snap of the cold winter air. The snow has kept it's appearance, and what more can one ask for after waking up Christmas morning to an ideal winter scene.
Our stroll through that particular scene seemed surreal as we walked from one German village to another, and the satisfaction of knowing that an indulgence in something sweet and warm once we arrived home seemed completely justified. The moments of walking uphill and avoiding unintentional spills was hardly a burden to bare whenever I thought what was waiting for us at home.
I needed that walk and most of yesterday to take everything in.
I overheard the two boys discussing Christmas day as "sensory-overload"
I avoided being obvious, and just mentally agreed.
My hopes are that everyone had a day of sensory-overload.
And a day after of just taking it all in. 

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Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, Reba! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love and hugs....