Polaroids from Paris: {Reflections from the Flu and Another Snow Day}

Merci to those who offered their kind words for better health on my behalf.
I don't have actual medical evidence that what I had was the flu, but I got some assurance from WebMD that my symptoms matched up. So I am just going to tell myself I had it and assume I can just go on avoiding it for the rest of the frosty season.

So after a series of days spent sleeping, I was able to spend a couple days strolling.
And I have added to my collection of holiday images.
With the snow that came piling down this past Wednesday, an extra element of magic and mysticism was added to the Christmas decorations set up throughout the city. It is the first time in my life that I have ever experienced so much snow in December. From what I collected the Parisians themselves were surprised by the sudden stroke of snowflakes.

It can be a delight walking on the snow and feeling it crunch under your feet. Stepping on an untouched surface of snow feels a bit liberating, like making your mark on new land. Letting snowflakes land gently on your tongue can offer the most simplest satisfaction, and forming the roundest most compact snowball to chuck at someone offers one a sense of power. 
Being out surrounded by a layer of white frost can be a real delight, but there really is a special moment while being warm indoors, and watching the snow fall from the sky, adding edible layers to all of the surfaces just outside the windows. It can almost be described as a moment of content anticipation; the present moment is perfect, but there is something to look forward to when one steps outside.


sweetbittertart said...

I hope you are feeling better. : ) Would it be bad to say I'd so love to be you - flu and all - walking down the snowy streets of Paris. xo : )

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