Postcards from Paris: {Pictures from Savannah}

While I have been window shopping here in Paris, I have also been curious about the windows of The Paris Market in Savannah. They are the first thing most people notice before they walk through the doors of our shop, and it is something Paula has always paid close attention to. She is always open to ideas from her employees, and encourages us to create exciting things that represent ourselves as artists, along with the treasures that are sold inside.
The Christmas season is my favorite time at The Paris Market. I love walking through the store surrounded by all of the glittering ornaments nursing a warm cup of our seasonal hot chocolate, with a shot of coconut syrup. And though I appreciate my new experiences here in Paris during the Christmas Season, I do have a bit of nostalgia for the shop in Savannah.
With that thought, a dear friend and long-time worker at The Paris Market shared with me some pictures.For those who aren't able to see the new displays like me, I hope these pictures can offer a small glimpse of what's going at shop in Savannah.

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