Polaroids from Paris: {Behind the Scene; The Chair Scene}

I like design duos. Charles and Ray Eames have an entire following, mainly as a response to their innovative designed chairs.  They wanted to design a chair that offered the comfort of a glove.
I can understand. Having three brothers; two of them which were very involved in playing baseball, and had an emotional bond to their mitts. I recall the times when their well-worn gloves had too much wear and tear in them. With a necessary replacement, they would invest so much time and effort in forming it to their sense of comfort. After contemplating those memories, the Eames duo design concept makes so much sense.

Within this modern designed building at the Vitra, there is a center work space where one can purchase one of these thousand-euro chairs. One can choose the wood, the material, color, etc. And then watch as the man in the center assembles the wood, and the woman sits behind an industrial sewing machine sewing up the upholstery. I am certain it would ultimately be quite an investment.

 The unique thing about the environment is that everything is right in front of you, and you are encouraged to interact with it all. To feel the types of material or the smoothness of the different types of curved wood. The actual patterns to the sewn pieces are hung up, and completely removable from the wall. The images of it's history shown a pleasant light on the couple. They seemed quirky, innovative, intelligent, and together. Ray Eames died ten years to the exact day of her husband.

Moving along successfully as two.

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