Postcards from Paris: {Vitamin C and Sleep, Sleep, Sleep}

Remember my last post, Snow Day.
Well it just so happens that walking through snow with less than adequate shoes, and then sleeping in an over-heated apartment does not really do much for the immune system.

Being ill, though rather uncomfortable for the body, has it's perks. Like the guilt-free feelings of staying in all day to get better.
I nursed my cold by drinking peppermint tea and reading an old favorite by Francoise Sagan, Bonjour Tristesse along with regular doses of vitamin C and pockets of sleep throughout the day. I hope I won't be judged for writing this, but I woke up from a nap just to read a bit and take another nap. I can't really say that the day has been completely guilt-free, my days always seem lacking when I don't go out and walk the rues of Paris, I feel that there is always something charming to discover. So, with that I try to bring some charm indoors,  and also to better my French comprehension I have been listening to her:

Recommendations for the ill-burdened:
-No french-kissing even if you are under mistletoe, for these things are contagious
-plenty of fluids, like orange juice and peppermint tea
-pockets of naps, preferably under fluffy down-covers, wearing holiday socks
-reading to entertain the mind away from the crazy symptoms of cold-medicine
Those are my words of advice for the day. Oh and get yourself some decent shoes, in case of unexpected snow.



Simply Mel said...

Feel better soon...surely hope someone can prepare you a nice pot of fresh chicken veggie soup!

kirsten sparenborg said...

Go on and take care of yourself, dear girl.

Anonymous said...

especially, no french kissing, even under the mistletoe!

rose said...

Barbara c'est formidable! Merci pour le recommandation.
oh and get well soon. :)