Chez Isabelle

We're introducing Chez Isabelle because there are people like me who still have their Christmas Tree up (hey if it's still alive, right?) and could use some gentle nudging. If anybody knows how to make people feel at home its Isabelle, but she also does cool things with her house and knows how to create no-stress but special moments for her family. When I cover breaks upstairs she tells me what's going on and I always imagine one day being adopted by Isabelle. I think a lot of us do. Voici Isabelle in her own words:

(the presents have been opened but my Christmas tree is still up. 
And the cat is still sleeping. Maybe I can hang hearts on it for Valentine's Day?)

Noel in the Closet
We celebrated Epiphany. It is time now to open your "Christmas Closet" and clean up what stays in the boxes every year. Time to box the ball ornaments together, wrap the other ornaments individually, pile up the christmas dishes, and put away the kitchen accessories and home accents. And don't forget the outdoor lights!
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In our home, we moved the Christmas Tree in the backyard. Then by a cold winter afternoon, we sit outside with "un chocolat chaud" around our outdoor fireplace, remembering stories of our family and celebrating the King of the Forests.
photo: real simple
Au revoir beau sapin, roi des forets!
à bientôt, Isabelle

That has got to be the most romantic way ever to say goodbye to your Christmas Tree and wrap up the season! Maybe I'll make some hot chocolate this weekend and finally get it out of the house. This is just the starter segment, we plan on shooting some video and doing other fun things à la Paris Market for Chez Isabelle!


Lily said...

I want to be adopted by Mama Isabelle too! Despite her ultra chic French je ne sais quoi look, she is really just a big fat earth mama hippy who makes everybody feel so good... Let's Occupy Chez Isabelle and pitch a tent on her lawn- bet she brings us hot chocolate and tucks us in our sleeping bags as she sings French lullabies!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don' t have a tent, I will offer you a coffee at The Paris Market & sing you "Petit Papa Noel".
Welcome in my family!