It's a New Year at The Paris Market!

Hopefully we all partied hard and slept hard these past weeks, because 2012 is here. And it's time to bring it! Here that means consultations about floor displays, what to buy, what not to buy, what we're all so over and what we want more of. Don't worry, we will always have the perennial favorites like the soap from Marseilles - we will never stop carrying that, and the Pearl Letters - even though we can't seem to keep them in stock and sometimes don't have the letter you want! In other news we have been absolutely bled dry of Tocca. Stella was flying out a few days before Christmas, but will return shortly. The jewelry is also selling quickly. I don't think we picked any stinkers this year! Our book selection has also taken a big hit. Some of our nice big glossy volumes have been snatched up. There are still some nice ornaments clinking around in nice shades of blue and purple at 50% FYI. But Santa has definitely blown through here. And its time to replenish. You know what Spinoza said: "Nature abhors a vacuum." And so do we!
Shelby, Christina, and Kelsey discussing notes and possible floorplans...and where all the new goodies will go.
Stay tuned for when we go shopping in a few weeks and get more goodies to bring to Market!

We have a lot of unique furniture pieces and items we find at estate sales, which I'll be featuring more of in the New Year, but here's to the Favorites that keep coming in and keep going out just as fast.
Our Marseille Soap - available in rose, lavender and verbena; the delicous brown sugar body polish, the lovable knitted dolls, the famous Pearl Letters, our coffee bar faves like white forest mocha, and of course the lovable mice - cozied up in their sleeping box.


Jennifer said...

Excited to see what new offerings you guys will have. Your store is always displayed so beautifully with the most unique things in town! Keep up the lovely job!

Anonymous said...

The Paris Market truly makes each year inspirational; a great experience each and every time. Plus, probably best looking, mannerly and well-trained staff in the city!

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Thanks Jennifer, its so nice to get encouraging feedback as we like to keep it new and exciting! And anonymous - thank you also for such a nice compliment! What a great way to start off the New Year!