Proustian Elucidations

We just received a new shipment of The Proust Questionnaire! 

Upon reading through this book I learned that what is known today as the Proustian questionnaire, originated from a book entitled "Confessions: An album to record thoughts, feeling etc." Each page contained the same questionnaire of 24 questions. It was meant to bring hidden feelings to the surface and get a glimpse into the inner world of its participants. It was a popular parlor game and Marcel Proust participated in it twice. Once in 1886, the other circa 1890 (ish)  The answers he gave at 20, (the final time he answered it) came to be known as Proust's Questionnaire; --I suppose when a surviving copy was dusted off and printed posthumously. This book includes not only how Proust answered the questionnaire at 16 and 20. (you can expect to find some good answers from Proust of course,) but it also contains the answers of various celebrated figures like Brigitte Bardot, Richard Meier, Lee Radziwill and Tony Parker. And in the original spirit of its ancestor, the book also comes with blank questionnaires, ready for you and family and friends to fill out. It would also be an interesting questionnaire to give to kids as they progress through life - say 5, 10, 15, 20.
Here's how Proust's answered a few of his own questions:

Your favorite virtue: All virtues that are not limited to a sect; the universal virtues.
Your favorite occupation: Reading, dressing, writing verse, history, theater.
Your pet aversion: People who do not feel what is good, who ignore the sweetness of affection.
Where would you like to live: One where certain things that I want would be realized - and where feelings of tenderness would always be reciprocate. (don't we all Marcel!)
It's in the store now, shrink-wrapped and ready for answers!

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