Tea for Two - Christine's Baby Shower

So besides traveling the world and bringing back the goods, we also design interiors and plan parties and events! Last week, we held a baby shower for Christine Hall - "Tea for Two" (she's having twins!) It was a little nerve-wracking taking photos for Christine Hall (of all people!), but I think I got some good shots. And she looked great! Earl Grey was brewed and served in vintage teapots and a beautiful set of floral mismatched china.  Tomato and Cucumber finger sandwiches were served as were blueberry and cranberry scones with clotted cream; (Clotted cream! Delicioso!) made by Susie of of course. A real treat were the raspberry macaroons at the absolute apex of freshness, made by Papillote; so fresh they just crumpled and melted softly in our mouths. Sugar cubes wrapped in paper and little chocolates Marie Antoinette style completed the feted look. Erica Wilson, was the perfect host, having big boiling pots of water at the ready for all the tea, (and how much nicer to pour tea from a pot than dipping around a tea bag!) welcoming guests and doing up the bright pink table arrangements in mint julep cups. And Monica Lynch did these darling invitations!

Half the fun was chatting with Christine's friends - meeting new people and seeing familiar faces once more. Everyone agreed that it was a nice, bright, pleasant and relaxing shower, and a relief not to play "those shower games"  

Congratulations Christine! 
We had a great time doing Tea for Two!

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You're Welcome Savannah said...

What a lovely event! A tea party, you can't get any sweeter than that.