Cheer upon Opening

You can do more with paper than read it, recycle it and use it for kitty litter. Of course there is Origami and Kiragami, and wrapping presents, but what about when the paper is so lovely you'd rather not fold it into a grasshopper? Or when you'd like to see it everyday and savor it. Well, you could put it on your wall of course..., but I currently rent and I'd rather fix up what I acutally own... So, I just covered the insides of two little bedside tables I have. The bottoms were a little rough, and they were starting to snag up some of my delicates, like my stockings and bathing suits, so I cut some of my favorite paper to size and because these drawers are annoying and have stoppers, I used double sided tape (Alvin-good stuff!) instead of spray mount. spray mount would have gotten tacky and hard to position since I couldn't take the drawer clear out and I might have ripped the paper. Although rubber cement might have been a good option too. So voila:

I also lined the inside of my kitchen drawers because the inside were again rough and the outsides look like they survived a fire, so when I open them up I want a little cheer. It worked. They are now cheery upon opening. With the left over tulip paper I did the little table by my bed. I used some of our colored tape to secure it on top, since the surface was too uneven for glue and the pink color matched the pink tulips perfectly. This tape is great, its a little stretchy and forgiving and the air bubble press right out when your doing edging like this.

I ripped this out of Elle Decor, the map paper on the room divider is awesome. There is something about that "map ocean blue" color that is just perfect. 

Here's some more ideas for all us paper lovers: This book is great - it tells you all the practical stuff like how to put on the paste for using paper on your wall, it gives easy how to's for lampshades and book cover and even takes you all the way through doing a headboards...

Enjoyez-vous votre papier!

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