A Crafters Guide: Valentines Gift Boxes

How you wrap a gift can be just as special as the gift itself. 
I am a big stickler on presentation, and like to flex my creative muscles whenever gift giving is involved. Valentines Day is possibly one of my favorite holidays for gifts, especially for my love of all things french which translates to all things romantic. I had the opportunity this year to create a collection of Valentines themed gift boxes to sell in our wonderful shop! I had so much fun using various antique french papers, photos, and trim to craft up some truly unique creations to share with our customers.
This Valentines Day, try giving your special someone an extra dose of something sweet by creating a unique gift box that will be treasured for many love filled days to come. 

Supplies Needed:
blank gift box (found at most craft stores)
paint brushes
craft glue
lace trim
vintage paper (try old newspaper, or magazine ads)
vintage jewelry
antique photos

 Below are some examples of the gift boxes I created. 
When crafting your own gift box let your imagination run wild. Try using photos of famous vintage couples, or include memorabilia of you and your loved ones own personal story. Tickets from a concert you and your honey enjoyed, or an old love note you wrote when you first started dating are great things to add to your creation. 
Make your box a sentimental keepsake to harbor loves new adventures!

These lovely handcrafted gift boxes are available at The Paris Market store and in our online shop. Swing by and pick one up today, or create your own for an extra love boost that will not go unnoticed.

Visit my own corner of the web world and take a peak at more Valentines Day craft ideas.
May your holiday be filled with lots of sweetness and snuggling.

xo, Jessica


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