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Shiny versus Bohemian...

After 6 months of hard work on the French Riviera used to come 6 months of traveling and exploring. For many years I collected a variety of silverware that I used in many different ways. I would use a teapot for tea, but also as a vase and things like this.  After too many flea markets, antiquaries and brocantes, I added anything that I found along the way. And when I came back home, I would put it in a corner like a pirate kept his treasure.
Then my bohemian life stopped in Savannah. I learned that when silver is placed on the table it has to be shiny! Whatever the celebration is, from the mint  julep cup to the tiny little coffee spoon, silver is the touch of elegance.
So a few times a year, by night, I display all my silverware on my kitchen table, put everybody to bed and polish my memories. 
It's for me a therapy to respect and reflect on the past, appreciate the present and enjoy the future. And if your table looks sophisticated, the food already tastes good!
A bientot, Isabelle.

Photo from Elegant Entertaining, a book of seasonal recipes from the American Ambassador's Residence in Paris, (!!) and on our website!

Have a great weekend mes amis, next week we'll be doing a post on inspired gift giving and wrapping up Valentine's Day for good. See you soon!

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