Jardin du Jour

Yes, it's raining, but don't lose heart, February showers bring flowers all year long here in Savannah! Which reminds me to tell you about our new and expanding Garden section of the website. Go check it out if you haven't already. We'll be adding more things to it this week, so let us know what we're missing.
I was thinking today, Wouldn't it be nice if we could magically transport ourselves to whatever garden we needed that day? Or maybe to see a new garden each day and really take it in. It would be like a "Jardin du jour". and we could take in the rest and the quiet, and feel renewed once more. Gardens are such a beautiful respite from our indoor lives with our little machines and tiny gadgets and little slips of paper reminding us of small things. Ugh. Having a garden in the sunshiney south has got to be one of the greatest joys there can be. All the colorful blooms you can have! And for so long! If container gardening or indoor plants is more your thing you can check out this post here. We usually have some lovely orchids in the store that Holley Jaakkola cultivates - which we love. We have a lot of public and private gardens right here in Savannah. From Forsyth Park to the beautiful squares, to little gems of courtyards with climbing vines and fountains tucked inbetween houses. You have only to walk around town to have garden envy or at least steal some ideas. We love our gardens! And so do the French. Alors, I bring you The Gardens of France!
 Les Jardins de la Mansoniere

Chateau de Vendeuvre

 Les Jardins de Castillon

Of course we can't leave out Versailles!
And this is only a small part of it!
 Les Jardins de Beauchamp
This almost looks a like a playground garden to me, I can see kids having a lot of fun here. Like curious girls named Mary or Alice.

 Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Domaine du Rayol
I know there isn't much in this particular shot, but it's perfect for imagining what you would do with the space. A garden overlooking the ocean...ah. And a terrace to boot. The world needs more terraces. And more gardens of course. photos: French Gardens

Happy Gardening all you lucky ducks with gardens in the south!

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