Traveling: Reading, Reality and the Astral Plane

So the Savannah Book Festival is ON right now! For the schedule, click here. It kicked off yesterday and later today Walter Issacson, author of the biography "Steve Jobs" will be giving a lecture at Trustees Theatre. ($10)Saturday is another  full day of speakers and on Sunday, Stephen King will deliver remarks at the closing ceremony. Pretty action packed. I hope y'all can get out there and enjoy it, and that it serves to spur you on in all things literary or really any idea you want to bring to fruition. I've been hogging our book table lately - foraging the new arrivals down to the office to get a good look and I'm enjoying these cool little travel books that just came in a few days ago. Unfortunately, all I have to do is pick up a book like this and I start dreaming about free times in foreign places. These handy little guides point out the key destinations to visit for Art, Architecture and Design in their given place. Perfect for the intrepid traveler in your life! There is even one for Rome, which is kind of funny because you can't look up without bumping your head on something a million years old and gorgeous, but a great resource nonetheless - small, handy, flexicover, and written in both English and the native tongue of that city. Which when your in a foreign city sometimes even reading a cereal box in your own language can be comforting. But even more importantly, its good to know how "they" say things. Like Florence, isn't called "Florence", in Italy, it's called Firenze! You'll do  much better when you actually know where you're going. I only point this out because this confused a young lauren (the shame!)when I went on my own petit sojourns across the pond (after college and before the ball and chain). I would have liked to have had a snappy little book like this rather than my honking "Let's Go Europe" book, although by the end of my trip I learned to just tear out the pages I needed and to leave the tome at the hostel. (Why was I treating it so preciously?) All this to let you know these books are cool and worth getting and giving.

We also have another glossy books just in that I am loving, "Brazilian Style" I care about my glossies as much as my travel books:

 Happy Reading and Happy Traveling - even if it's simply through a good book! When you need a break from the festival, come on over and browse our selections! See you there!

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