Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook Book Signing Party!!

***Slow down and taste the sweet life ***
Cocktails & Cupcakes
Thursday, April 26th, 5-7pm
right here, at The Paris Market!

It's going to be a grand little party, this evening soiree celebrating not just the new cookbook from the best little bakery in town - not really little, its actually warm yet roomy, airy and filled with light - and just the place you're excited to take all your out of town friends- but its also marks 10 years in the neighborhood, now a solid anchor to its neighbors on Bull and DeSoto Street in the Starland District. For Cheryl and Griff, Back in the Day Bakery was more than bringing from scratch baking back into the foreground and creating a nostalgic experience for their customers, it was also about being part of our community and creating a cozy, homey haven for all to come share in. I think of them as the Cheers of Bakeries. In offering their talents and passions to the world they have truly become an integral part of the community, a place that visitors always list on their favorites of Savannah. And while its perfect for a little treat, or like maybe 2 or 3 old fashioned cupcakes, (definitely their hallmark) they also offer more substantial fare - their sandwiches are quite good too! It's a perfect spot to stop and fuel up before you go about your day on Saturday.

But to the book - it's fantastic! The pictures are gorgeous, there's a ton of recipes, and they give plenty of methods to their magic; like the best way to cream butter and alternates to sifting among others. You know, some of those secrets that most other cookbooks leave out. In content, form and spirit its the perfect package - giving you a real taste of the Back in the Day Bakery experience, and all the recipes to create it at home. 
The cookbook that started out as a humble "love letter to the public" which they were originally going to self-publish on lulu.com, quickly morphed into its rightful manifestation when fate intervened and Artisan books stepped in. It's true in more ways than one; the cream will rise to the top!

Cheryl and Griff are friendly and fun, both serious and slapstick, and just the people you want baking you the best stuff on earth daily. But this little video says it best:


Ron said...

Loved her on this week's episode of Paula Deen.... I can't wait to get the cookbook.

ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Hey Ron! I know, Cheryl is the best! So much fun! You will love the cookbook...

Curtains in My Tree said...

you couldn't have said it any better

they are the best bakery in Savannah

sure wish I was there