The Quilt is Done!

I posted last year about this quilt I was making for my sister's wedding. Well, it's finally done and yes it took me that long! At her bridal shower, everyone decorated a white square of fabric with their wishes for my sister's life with her new man. I added some other colors and started sewing. Of course my old Singer gave me some problems along the way, (the tension of course!) and I didn't do the mitered corners right so I had to perform surgery at the last minute and resort to straight edges on the binding, and I ran out of thread on the last day...this is why as a recovering Catholic, I no longer need to go to confession; any projects my Mother dreams up trumps any penance a Father would throw at me. 


 Isabelle and Susie hold it up for me at the store, final size is 6' square.


Curtains in My Tree said...

great looking quilt, I like this idea , years ago every new bride got a quilt , anyway that is what my great grandmothers told me


ParisMarket&Brocante said...

Hi Janice,
Thanks! it was a lot of fun to do and nice that we could carry on the tradition in a new way. Not many people really sew anymore, so each of us decorating a square worked out great. It was nice to give her something that all her friends and family helped create.