Share and Tell: Rose and Bone

I recently stumbled upon this blog called The Wanderlusters - the shared blog of Rockie Nolan and Sati Patel. (and pretty  much the best theme/title for a blog ever don't you think?) This photo vignette by Rockie Nolan entitled Rose and Bone really caught me eye and I just had to share it with you guys. It seemed to capture some of the nostalgia and dark beauty that influences some of our look at The Paris Market. Also, and this is totally random, but Rockie let me know that the scissors in one of these photos came from Paris Market. How's that for full circle? Well enough of my yammering, here's Rockie:
"The concept for this series came from a common interpretation of the rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie”, relating it to the horrors of the Great Plague. Upon exploring this idea, I became more interested in the contrast of youthful innocence to death than to depicting the rhyme in a straightforward way. This series was created as a fashion editorial but as with much of my other work, I am interested in creating a narrative and combining commercial aspects with fine art." 
Here are just a few selections from the vignette:

Gaa! These are gorgeous. Go see the full photo vignette - in all their full size photo glory - on their blog The Wanderlusters!

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