A Crafters Guide: Prize Ribbon Garden Marker

My thumbs have officially turned green.
As we southerners scurry to plant our gardens before the dreaded heat of summer hits our doorstep, it's hard not to soak up the precious time spent with our little green friends. I have taken extra care to pick out the perfect vintage pots and place them around my home with pride. For an additional crafty boost, I've come up with these handmade garden markers to show off my precious plants and do some prize winning boasting of my own.

Supplies Needed
Birch Plywood (0.8mm thick)
Wood circles
Chalkboard paint
Xacto knife
Cutting Mat
Wood Glue
Sanding block or Sand paper
Wooden Dowels

Step One
Paint your wooden circles with chalkboard paint. Two coats will do.

Step Two
Using a pencil, trace a wood circle onto your piece of birch plywood. Draw a design around your traced circle to create the top of your prize ribbon. A strip of plywood (1.5 by 3.5) makes a perfect second piece. Cut out both designs with your Xacto knife.

Step Three
Taking your sanding block or sand paper, smooth the edges of your freshly cut pieces. When you're finished give each piece a double coat of chalkboard paint.

Step Four
Using wood glue attach each wood circle to your ribbon backing. 

Step Five
While your glue is drying, add some creative touches to your prize ribbons. I really love the black and white contrast, but try using your own unique color combination. And get this, they now make chalkboard paint in a variety of colors! Try out designs that will coordinate with your garden!

Step Six
Cut a piece of dowel 10 inches long. The dowel I used was 3/16" by 36".

Step Seven
Finish assembling your prize ribbon garden marker by gluing the remainder of your pieces together. Layer your pieces

Write the name of your prize wining plant with chalk on your marker and you're ready to stop other garden savvy snoots in their paths!
Until next time, this is your craft loving how-to gal signing off!

~ Jessica
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