Little Treasures from the Past

A new arrival of old sample jewelry is being unpacked today. They're from the times when you walked into a jewelry store and you could look at the sample model/style and order it with the stones you wanted. Not that you can't special order something today, but these were specifically set out to be ordered in that particular fashion. Like a fashion automat!
C'est simple, c'est chic! 


Still in the shopkeepers envelope with their notes...

They're pretty cool and I can see a crafty person having fun with these little treasures - whether to make into more jewelry or to use for another project. Jessie did a holiday tree from lots of gems similar to this actually - see Holiday Centerpiece. And she used a few like this for her Valentine Boxes. We get lots of interesting things in like this. Odd things that you wouldn't find anywhere else. So along with our vintage grab bags, you can have fun digging through this cool little stash and finding something you love. Speaking of treasure hunting, I think next week I'll dig through the back and see what I'm missing. I found these magic slides last time...Au revoir pour maintenant...


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