Housed in a beautifully imposing castle-like building, Greystone campus was built in 1888 and once served as a facility for sparkling wine production. This place exudes professionalism. Crisp starched glaringly white uniforms with, of course, the requisite kerchief and chef hat, are mandatory. "Yes chef!" echoes respectfully from the teaching venues. And venues there are. From the newly christened Viking commercial kitchen teaching arena (makes the Top Chef kitchen look like it was designed by the Easy Bake Oven guys), to the Wine Spectator Restaurant and Spice Islands Marketplace (cookbook and cookware heaven) this place can make Thomas Keller giddy with excitement.

This is not your bored, rich housewives of wherever kind of school. This is a budding chef ‘s pollution nocturne. Work? Yes - that kerchief becomes quickly soaked, but the endeavors yield fabulous results. Each step choreographed, measured, and repeated. Each task leading to the next, trial and error, perseverance and finally, satisfaction. And satisfaction never tasted this good.

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