Postcards from Paris: { C'est Dommage! }

It's a nice little activity; supporting the countries you love in the World Cup.
France didn't advance, U.S.A did. And with my little American posse we met at the Trocadero, wearing discreet ensembles to encourage our team. I hadn't any idea that deep within, I really cared.
So much anxiety surfaced, along with moans and cheers whenever there was a promising shot for the U.S.. I wouldn't consider myself a sports-enthusiast, but I tell you I had my team, and I was rooting for them. I prepared for the day, listening to different versions of "Georgia on My Mind", craving cheeseburgers, drinking Coca-Cola, wearing red and stripes. After our defeat, I even had a bite of a hot dog.
Oh America.
For the family that I am an Au Pair for, I took every opportunity to chant, "U.S.A" whenever the father mentioned anything about the World Cup. I have to swallow my pride, and hope for a farther go-around next time.

A poor video that lacks any form of aesthetic, but an overall good example of the end result.
I think our faces of disappointment gave away that we were rooting for the other team.

They showed us, or simply took advantage of the fact that we were three American girls in skirts. Sheesh.

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sarah said...

C'est trop drĂ´le!