Postcards from Paris: {Spring Fever, Staying Out}

Last time I spoke to my mother she demanded, with love, for more posts.
Where have you been?
What have you been doing?
What have you seen lately?

It's Springtime in Paris, I suppose is my excuse. It's a strong contrast compared to when I was here in the winter.
Staying out seems more appealing than staying in. I get the vibe from the school-children that they've about had it, and are ready to go on holiday.
For instance, I spent yesterday afternoon walking about, and listening to the Coupe du monde: France vs. South Africa. With such lovely weather, locals were out at every corner cafe, restaurant, tabac, any public location that had a television, cheering for France. There was hardly a break from it as I strolled the rue. There were some workers in their trucks and vans with the game blasting. The city seemed to be on one note, it felt welcoming; as if anyone in France was in this together.
And we all felt the pain of the loss.

I continue to stroll about, sometimes with map, sometimes without.
The weather is nice.
And Springtime in Paris in my excuse to stay out.

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