Top Chef

The problem with turning your hobby into a profession is that you no longer have a hobby. Everything previously frivolous and fun is now necessary and often tediously numbing. Don’t get me wrong, travel, shopping, and perusing magazines and blogs is still mostly exciting, but when you have to do it, “it” becomes work.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with cooking. The raw materials, the chemistry – I love to create, and with this creation you can satisfy all the senses. I drive my husband crazy, as our DVR is completely loaded down with all flavor of cooking shows. If it wasn’t for Padma, I think he would have erased most of them by now. We even gutted our kitchen last year to usher in the latest and greatest (photo above).

Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist. It kills me that I am not Iron Chef Paula. I watch all the shows intently but still do not demonstrate culinary mastery. Thus, the topic of the next few weeks. We are currently in California – Napa Valley to be more specific, just outside of Calistoga if you must know. For my birthday my husband enrolled me in the CIA. No not the spy agency (although I might do that next year) the Culinary Institute of America. Nestled in the midst of a gorgeous valley, this magnificent institution is my new teacher. I have gone back to school – at least in the short term. Boot camp: basic training. And rigorous it is, thank God I’m still on east coast time or the 7 am start time would have proved prohibitive (even with a baby, I’m still not and never will be a morning person). Any way, stay tuned for a lot more the next few weeks, but that’s it for now, I’ve got to study for tomorrow's lesson – sautéing!

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