Postcards from Paris: Finding Fabrics, Testing Textiles

With a pitched idea involving a sewing machine, old watch trinkets, and fabric. My friend Xuan, who designs jewelry, suggested that we collaborate on a dress design. Because I wasn't able to tote along my sewing machine across the Atlantic sea, I hadn't scoped out the fabric outlets here in Paris. Alas, with access to a working sewing machine, and a free day to explore the tissu-filled rue, we found ourselves just below the Sacre Coeur, where fabric is found in abundance, and inspiration follows.
The fabric phase in a designing process can be the start of the entire design, and it was something I had forgotten. We were pretty set on the look, but after our day of new possibilities our design took on many new and interesting forms.
What a joy it was to be amongst so many possibilities.....


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