Postcards from Paris: {Je veux du chocolat dans mon pain, s'il vous plait}

I feel spoiled that the warm scents of fresh bread are but a few doors down from my studio. It's curious that the practicality of what seems like a luxury elsewhere is so easily attainable here. Yet, I cannot ever imagine that eating a fresh pain au chocolat wrapped in brown butcher would ever become a mundane thing. Accumulating chocolate in one's bread is a wonderful thing to a daily routine.


Anonymous said...

Yummy!!! My favorite snack in Paris!....except perhaps a nice cup of chocalate chaud! Lovely photos....they capture the spirit and sights and flavours of the romantic city!

kirsten sparenborg said...

Ohh...do enjoy, Miss Reba. I wish I had au chocolat dans mon pain down the street. oxox