Postcards from Paris: {Le Petit Prince and child-like musings}

An easy read, and an essential french story for people of all ages. Le Petit Prince has become the one book since living in Paris that I find myself returning to on several occasions as a learning tool, and as a simple source of enjoyment. I've recently shared it with my little 3 year old friend, who can probably relate to the first part of the story.
She drew this for me.
It's sad to admit that I have become the assuming adult. After watching E.T. with her I figured she was depicting E.T. and his glowing heart.
"Non. ça, c'est toi-"
pointing to the smiling figure.
"et c'est moi"
the circle inside.
As a personal suggestion, consider The Little Prince as a Spring read. I couldn't imagine anything better right now than a spot on our sunny Savannah terrace, sipping on a rose-seltzer from our coffee bar.


Kelsey said...

Laures drawing is the best thing ive ever seen.

Reba said...

I'll tell her you like it.
Maybe PM can sell some of her originals.