Postcards from Paris: {sur la rive gauche}


Though rain was expected, and it got to a point where I had wished I was wearing more layers, an afternoon on the Left Bank was just what I needed to refreshen my adoration for this city. As the winter season has shown some fickle characteristics, I've been staying put in my little neighborhood. Yet with new explorers in town, and friends of friends whom become your own, re-explorations of the city take on their initial excitement. Even with a grey-clouded sky, I just put on my boots and avoid the potential puddles. Just making that effort deserves a little treat, and the reward can be something extraordinaire like a sitting-session at Cafe de Flore, or a rose-flavored macaron from Laduree. However, the small things unexpected like french street performers or a dry sky can be the ultimate reward.



Kelsey said...

ugh, this has left me drooling for la Flore, and lots of little creamers and silver pitchers. biz.

Reba said...

I thought of you as the waitor kept setting down all of the seperate things for just one order.

Anonymous said...

It would be lovely to view a longer video if you are able....Thanks so much for these scenes of Paris!