Postcards from Paris:{photobooth days}

I would call it a shame that all the photobooths in the metro stations have been updated to new machines that print out glossy colored photographs.
After a celebrity run-in with Dominique Pinon in the perfect, almost cliche, setting of Montmartre, I found myself distracted with youtube clips of Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain. The distraction was followed by google searches for "old b&w photobooths"
It's curious how looking at faces can be such a distraction, consider the amount of time people look at others on facebook. And one could find themselves completely lost while in the basement of The Paris Market. With all of those photographs with faces from another era it makes me long for outdated equipment that produce pictures with automatic antiquity.

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Sandra said...

To achieve an 'old' retro look in a photo, I would suggest using an old camera that uses film. It gives that old look from that era since it WAS from that era. You can get them on ebay but ofcourse you have to make sure they work as some are just for display only.