The Beauty of Telling It Like It Is

Most times you don't have to sweat bullets trying to be overly creative and overly complicating your designs to achieve something beautiful. If I've learned anything, good design is more a process of continual reduction than anything else. You simply have to show it (or tell it) like it is, and let the beauty speak for itself. Like this really cool vintage eye poster from Dresden, Germany that we have downstairs. and on our website ---> here
Printed at bottom is: Copyright: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden. Mid-century, linen.

Also in our possession is this wonderful book in the same vein: The Art of Instruction, by Katrien Van der Schueren, owner of voila! Gallery in Los Angeles.  The book is a compilation of her carefully curated vintage instructional poster collection. Also very cool.

a peek inside:

 This dandelion just looks so full of life and the black background lends such an air of mystery to its various cycles of life. And this cat poster just slays me. Not only does it describe the retractability of a cat's claws, it also illustrates the weird looks they always give you. Haha.

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