Weekend Adventures

This book could not have come out at a better time. So many times you have just a few days in a place (like during Thanksgiving travels) and you want to get to the good stuff right away, or at least have a jumping off point; it's also great for when you fly in somewhere for a weekend wedding and just have no idea where to start. Taken the from the popular "36 Hours" column in the Travel Section of the New York Times, this books offers up ideas, practical itineraries and and advice for 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada in you guessed it, roughly 36 hours. They break it down into days, with maps and photos to whet your tastebuds. You can easily construct a weekend getaway or simply thumb through it to get ideas exposed yourself to places you never even thought about going to.

Ahh, Such is the beauty of travel, you go for one thing and you find so much more. You just need that one little seed to get you started. When I did my little stint through Europe, I bought a Lets Go Europe book and while I was aware that Botticelli's Birth of Venus was in the Uffizi, I had no idea I could also go see the Michelangelo's original "David" across the way at the Accademia Gallery. Also, that book let me in on the fact that I could get my tickets to the Uffizi online ahead of time, thereby passing the horrendous line of people with a 2 hour wait. Travel books are totally worth it. And when I went on my honeymoon, (we had longer than 36 hours) I was only thinking about going to see the giant redwoods in California, and upon further poking around with research and maps we found that Joshua Tree might also be worth the drive since we were already in California and had all our camping stuff with us. What started out as a trip to The Great Sequoias turned into a full on road trip hitting up Palm Springs, splurging for dinner at St. James, and continuing on to Desert Hot Springs where we drank mineral water you could really describe as "delicious" We camped out two nights at Joshua Tree where we saw the sugary Milky Way take on dimension and heard the coyotes yipping by our tent just shy of being visible in the campfire.  It was totally worth it and equally amazing. So if I've learned anything, it's READ BEFORE YOU GO!

Here's some of what you'll get in 36 Hours
  • Practical recommendations for over 600 restaurants and 450 hotels
  • Color-coded tabs and ribbons bookmark your favorite cities in each region
  • Nearly 1,000 photos, most of them from The New York Times archive
  • Small enough to throw in your suitcase, big enough to enjoy from your favorite reading chair
  • All stories have been updated and adapted for this volume by Barbara Ireland, a veteran Times travel editor
  • New illustrations by Times illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli of Milan, Italy
  • Easy-to-reference indexes
  • Detailed city-by-city maps pinpoint every stop on your itinerary

Happy Traveling!

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