Veterans Day down Broughton

 Taken at 10:58, 11 November 1918, just before the Armistice went into effect; men of the 353d Infantry, near the church at Stenay, Meuse, wait for the end of hostilities.
In 1918, bells worldwide were rung on the 11th month, the 11th day, at 11 a.m. to celebrate and recognize the ending of WWI, "the war to end all wars." To commemorate that peaceful pledge, bells were rung around the world on November 11 for over 35 years. The U.S. Congress declared November 11 a holiday in 1938, "...a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as "Armistice Day." By 1953, World War II and the Korean War had created millions of war veterans in addition to those of the First World War and on June 1, 1954, President Eisenhower signed the 83rd Congress' Amendment to the Act of 1938 by deleting the word "Armistice" and inserting in its place the word "Veterans"

Thank you Veterans! 

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Lovely photo's!

I was reading further down and noticed that you have new aprons. They are so colorful and wonderful, but still wondering if you have the original brown (kind of tweed tanish) I hope so! I would love to purchase one.