Secrets with Nothing Left Out: The Photography of Lily Lewin

Every once and awhile you come across some truly evocative images that take you somewhere you've never been, or somewhere you've been, but haven't quite been able get back to. In Lily Lewin's photographs we view the world through a lens of childlike innocence and curiosity, but a viewpoint cognizant of all the raw power and beauty alive in the natural world, In short, her photographs evoke a secrecy where nothing is left out. I invite you to check out Ojobox, for a state of being that hangs on the tip of your tongue.

 "the glassblower's whisper"

 "the cross of Caravaca"

Ojobox is the blog of photographer and writer Lily Lewin. In her own words:
"This is a project I've been working on, a compilation of photographs taken of all the flora and fauna in our courtyard and presented like an old catalogue buried away in the bottom of a sea chest.  It's a sort of homage to Edward Gorey and Victorian taxidermy through the scratched lens of early photography- solemn and slightly menacing and naive all at once.  A kind of sampler the illegitimate love child of Beatrix Potter and Jack the Ripper would do while hidden away from the world in a cottage."
And Ms. Lewin tells me that lovechild's name would be Agatha (!!)
Perfect, right? I know. Can't get enough.

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