Something For the Road -to Lacoste!

Congratulations to The Paris Market & Brocante Scholarship Recipient:
Joshua Callandret

Every year, a deserving SCAD student continuing their studies at the Lacoste campus in France gets a little extra cash ($1000) to help them out with their expenses. If anyone deserves a boost its this guy! He's a writing major with two minors; one in creative writing and the other in printmaking.  He writes for the SCAD student publication District, works as an RA and is also an employee at Five Guys. He has also worked for SCAD radio as a training director. Phew. I can just imagine him jetting around town, but he has this to say: "I have been refreshed by learning to slow down, take time for myself and defy the hustle and bustle of typical American life. It's quite difficult to do, but I'm starting to  learn how imperative it is to have down time and to take a day of rest." Bravo Mr. Callandret! and Congratulations!
A peek at the SCAD experience in Lacoste:

I wanna go!!!

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