Something for the Hostess - the envelope please.

So the gatherings are upon us and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you ready? All this talk of comings and goings, travel destinations and who's hosting who reminded me of a funny story. 
I had a reclusive and paranoid great uncle Jay who normally only drove out of the Bronx to come to our house for holiday dinners. He never celebrated with anyone else and he was kind of a character. He was a good uncle though, he always gave my sister, my brother and I envelopes with money in them whenever he came. He was also vegetarian which drove my mom nuts. One Thanksgiving he was particularly generous and we each found a 50 dollar bill in our envelope. "Wow, holy cow." I exclaimed, "Mom, look at this! Uncle Jay gave us a 50!" Then my mom called out of the kitchen, "Hey Uncle Jay, is there an envelope in there for me?!"  He answered in a sort of Bronx Arthur Fonzerelli tone. "Heyyyy, now Mary, that's just for kids. No envelope for you!" And then he started laughing. It didn't occur to me until that moment that Uncle Jay had never given my mom anything when he came to dinner. I mean aside from a few tubs of Carvel ice cream for dessert that she quickly chucked into the freezer. So you know, its nice to bring a little something for your hostess. Don't piss her off! Here are a few ideas:
1. Regal Evergreen Candle, 2. Kashmiri Floral Ornment, 3. Lip Sugar in Passion, 4&5. Caldrea Handsoap and Lotion in Crimson Pear Ginger, 6. Rosette Serving Papers, 7. Kusmi Tea, (nice to add to the table and for the host to enjoy afterwards)  8. John Derian Decoupage Tray "Unchanging Friendship"

or you could just get an envelope and stick some money in it! A lot of moms would be totally fine with that.

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