Candle of the Week: The Archivist

Today is full of excitement, and not just because the rain is coming to an end and the clouds are parting, but because we have once again filled our shelves with The Archivist's irresistible scented candles! We first discovered The Archivist back in July and our love for their candles has grown exponentially ever since. And this week we're especially jovial because all of our favorite scents are now available as bar soaps! Subtle aromas like Wood, Herbs and Grove are staples for The Archivist, however their Ginger and Citrus, Tomato and Lime and Mission Fig scents are what really make us swoon! And now that we can enjoy these unique scents in a bar of soap, you better believe our home and hands are both going to smell like the wonderful aromas of The Archivist!

Available at The Paris Market.

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