Currently Inspired: Handcrafted Jewelry

On a rainy day like today the weather can really make us feel uninspired. When a double cappuccino and salted caramel don't lift our spirits then we know we're in trouble! It's days like these that we're especially grateful to be working in such an inspiring place. Everyday something unique makes its way onto our shelves that reminds us of the beauty that always surrounds us. And today is no exception! It never ceases to amaze us how talented our jewelry artists are. Every artist brings their own personal vision to each hand crafted piece and the result is a beautiful work of wearable art. And despite the weather attempting to make us feel glum, seeing our newest collections of spring jewelry is only inspiring us more to create something beautiful. If you're feeling the rainy day blues today then stop by soon and see the rest of our inspiring collection featuring some of our favorite jewelry artists such as Cameron Kruse, Denise Disharoon, Erica Wilson, Collin Garrity and more!

Available at The Paris Market.

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Jenna Mills said...

I love to wear something special to society.. handcrafted jewelry are one of them.