Vintage Find of the Day: Correspondence Collection

If it were up to us, we would spend all day everyday sorting through old papers and correspondence letters. The abundance of memories and personalized stories waiting to be discovered is a dream for history lovers like us. So rarely do we find ourselves in a situation where we can read an individual's personal experiences, and gain insight to a time now long past. As we've been sorting through our collection of vintage letters, we've been amazed by how current some of them feel. Even though it may have been written over a century ago, it still carries with it the emotions and sentiments every individual experiences in their lifetime. Which we find to be both equally inspiring and encouraging. And to top it all off, it goes without saying we are and forever will be, obsessed with vintage envelopes. Beautifully decorated in a collage of postage stamps and hand lettered addresses, each letter is a time capsule containing a unique history all of its own, and we can never get enough! Stop by soon and check out our entire collection of vintage letters. You never know what you might find!

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