On the Table: Vintage White and Gold

There's something about white and gold dishware that always seems to captivate us. Its simplicity and classic beauty will always bring us back to it no matter what the occasion may be. If we're having afternoon tea with friends or celebrating the holidays at the table, white and gold is always our "go-to" first choice. One of the many reasons why we obsess over it is because of its versatility. Whether you're dressing it up for a fancy luncheon, or keeping it minimal for a brief bite to eat, white and gold china will bring a timelessness and beauty to the table like no other. And with today's tablescape, we're hoping for a little bit of both. Accented with our olive wood serveware and terra cotta candles, we've set the table for a simple spring feast. And we're excited to dig in! Bon appetit!

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