Weekend Inspiration: Picnic Essentials

The weekend is right around the corner and already we're getting our plans in order for a relaxing couple of days. With a forecast of 80 degree weather and pure sunshine, it's safe to assume we'll be spending the majority of our weekend outdoors on a good ol' fashioned picnic! We've already begun packing our basket with a few our favorite outdoor dining essentials. And though we love our olive wood utensils and our new favorite water bottle, we can't deny our excitement to try some of our brand new French jams that have just landed on our shelves. We've been tempted all week to spread some Apricot jam on our morning croissants, but we figured bringing them on a picnic was a more exciting introduction. Stop by soon and check out the rest of our picnic essentials and be sure to spend some quality time outdoors this weekend!

Available at The Paris Market.

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