Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what your favorite Paris Market girls are up to when they're not at Paris Market? Me too! Sometimes I find this information out from eavesdropping or when others think I know less French than I do. haHA Paris Market! Anyway, there is a lot going on always, with pretty much everyone here, but today I'm calling out Kelsey Garrity-Riley for her shoutout on the Martha Stewart blog:

Take a look at her superb illustration of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. (click then scroll down) This show has been a big hit and it even inspired a little piece on the eccentricities of Londoners in the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday. Like Why are they always apologizing? In a Nutshell: Social LeverageHA!

And that inspired this little post highlighting both our leisurely and hardworking wares. 

Keep Calm and Carry On!

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