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The azaleas are in full bloom and the forecast is full sunshine ahead. Happy first day of Spring! I came across this painting the other day and it seemed like the perfect springtime scene. Two ladies at leisure, enjoying drinks and the fair weather. -the dog casually scratching his ear, and the foliage rendered both specifically -the ivy and ferns, and also in more general swathes of green. I think what really does it for me is those little puddles of sunshine on the path. Light makes paintings seem like they are really happening. Matisse always seems to do this right. Of course he did say that a good painting should be like sinking into a comfortable armchair. Ah...enjoy the nice weather!

Tea (1919)by Matisse, oil on canvas 55 1/4 in. x 83 1/4 in.

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okay, I didn't see any french marigolds in the painting either,

but they would fit right in!

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