T is for Taxidermy!

Taxidermy is the art and skill of taking an animal skin and stuffing it to create a new near life-like presence. It requires all sorts of skills in sculpture, painting and general savoire-faire in the arts. The end result is sort of haunting to me - because its like a "ghost" you can touch. It warps my world view of the universe a little bit. But a lot of people really like it, like almost everyone here at Paris Market. I admit it can be cool, how close can you normally get to a Polar Bear or a Fox or a Wild Boar. And it does make me appreciate the spirit of the animal, the animating principle. And of course we used to have this little stuffed coyote in the store wearing a dog rescue vest from Germany that was totally adorable and it didn't bother me in the least. In fact I took a real shine to him. Perhaps that is what separates the comme ci, comme ca taxidermist from the Master Taxidermist. Can you impart life back into it? Can you somehow capture the essence of the animal by the glimmer you put back in its eye? If you can it's not creepy at all. It's actually quite nice. Check out some of what the Danyluks found in shops in France, a taxidermic hotspot. And what Reba found in Paris at Deyrolle. And check out what we have in the store right now: (we used to have a wild boar's head (no joke) but Kelsey snatched it up.) You have to be quick around here!


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